Jeffrey H. Axelbank, Psy.D.

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Holistic Approach

See this brief video on My Philosophy and What Makes Therapy Work.

People are helped most by considering all aspects of their lives, their strengths as well as the areas giving them problems. Therefore, I will treat you as a whole person, not just as a diagnosis. We will work together to understand how your past is affecting your current situation, and get to the bottom of your issues, for achieving deep, lasting changes. Speaking freely and without inhibitions with your therapist is essential and I work to provide a warm, safe environment for you to do so.

Underlying Issues

See this brief video on My Philosophy and What Makes Therapy Work.

Sometimes people cannot understand why they are having so much trouble in their relationships, feel so anxious, depressed, or just generally troubled. It seems like these things are just happening to you by chance. This is only natural, and perfectly human. However, these experiences usually don't just happen randomly - they are often due to some underlying issue that you are not fully aware of. Becoming aware of these "underground" issues is one of the primary aims of therapy, and can be profoundly helpful. If you don't know about something, you can't do anything about it!! But if you can tune into what is happening under the surface, you can make better choices about how to handle situations.

The Therapeutic Relationship

See this brief video on My Philosophy and What Makes Therapy Work.

Your relationship with me as your therapist is perhaps the most important factor in helping you heal. While psychotherapy research is often confusing and contradictory, the one common thread that all research seems to agree on is that the therapeutic relationship is the most important curative factor. Because of this, I believe that keeping our relationship open and honest is essential. I encourage you to feel free to tell me if you are angry or upset with me for any reason. And also to share positive feelings you may have towards me. Discussing these provides a sort of laboratory for examining how you handle relationships, and the opportunity to get feedback and try new ways of interacting.

In order to keep the therapeutic relationship safe and effective, I follow some very important principles. First, I do not engage in any other type of relationship with you other than as your therapist. Second, the sessions are your time and I will not spend your time talking about me. Third, I strive to keep to regular time boundaries, so that you know when every session starts and ends.