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Creating High Performing Teams

Effective Teamwork: Unlocking Your Organization's Full Potential

In today's organizational landscape, teams have become the cornerstone of productivity. They are the driving force behind success, yet many organizations fail to address the critical factors that contribute to effective teamwork. This oversight can impede progress and hinder the collective potential of talented individuals.

Are you aware of how your organization's teams perform? Assessing their effectiveness is crucial for maximizing productivity. Merely assembling a group of skilled individuals does not guarantee optimal performance as a team.

But how can you ensure a new team starts off on the right foot? What about valuable team members who may be perceived as problematic? How can the frustrations within a team be minimized? And if a team is already broken, how can it be fixed? Moreover, how can you ensure seamless collaboration when combining multiple teams? In today's era, virtual teams also pose unique challenges—how can they be built to unleash their maximum potential?

When organizations seek my assistance in team development, I employ a structured and methodical approach. By conducting thorough interviews with both the team leader and members, I gain valuable insights into the existing dynamics, identifying what is working and what is not. Additionally, a team assessment survey provides objective data, enriching our understanding further. Combining these inputs, I interpret the results and prepare a detailed report, offering constructive feedback to both the leader and the team. This comprehensive process allows me to tailor team improvement activities that precisely target the identified areas for growth. The outcome is enhanced team effectiveness and heightened satisfaction among team members.

Drawing upon my certification in The Rocket Model, an evidence-based approach to building high-performing teams, I utilize the Team Assessment Survey (TAS). This powerful tool evaluates eight crucial components of team functioning: Context, Mission, Talent, Norms, Buy-In, Resources, Courage, and Results. Supported by extensive research and practical application, the TAS can be applied to a wide range of team scenarios. Whether assessing C-Suite teams and Boards, forming new teams, onboarding team members, training leaders in team development, identifying high-potential individuals, or cultivating effective teamwork throughout an entire organization, the TAS consistently delivers impactful insights.

Together, let's unlock the full potential of your organization's teams. By prioritizing effective teamwork, we can elevate productivity, foster engagement, and achieve remarkable results. Contact me today to embark on this transformative journey.

"TQ" - The Key to Successful Teams

Your team is comprised of a talented group of individuals with bright minds and impressive intellectual abilities. They possess excellent interpersonal skills and boast high emotional intelligence (EQ). However, despite these qualities, they may still struggle to effectively collaborate and produce desired outcomes as a cohesive unit. What could be missing is the understanding and implementation of the key elements that foster the development of a high-performing team. Research indicates that only 20% of teams can be classified as high-performing, while leaders assess a mere 10% of their teams as truly effective.  Teams need to understand the factors that contribute to team effectiveness, get feedback on these variables, and then address the areas that need work. To bridge this gap, teams must grasp the crucial factors that contribute to team effectiveness. Gathering feedback on these variables is equally essential, allowing teams to identify areas that require improvement. This is where the Rocket Model comes into play, offering a structured, evidence-based framework to address these factors accurately. By utilizing the Team Assessment Survey, you'll receive valuable feedback on these factors specific to your team. The survey results will pinpoint the areas where your team falls short and provide tailored recommendations and activities to enhance team cohesion and performance.

Unlock the true potential of your team with the Rocket Model and Team Assessment Survey. Start your journey towards becoming a high-performing team today!

Components of The Rocket Model

The Team Assessment Survey measures the eight components of The Rocket Model:

  • Context: Are there shared assumptions about the team's operating environment?
  • Mission: Is there a consensus among team members regarding the mission, and is it clearly defined?
  • Talent: Does the team possess the right mix of skills, experience, and capabilities? Is the team size appropriate? Are roles and responsibilities well-defined?
  • Norms: Are the team's communication norms and meeting practices productive? Are there unspoken rules that require open discussion?
  • Buy-in: Is every team member fully committed to the team's goals? Do they understand how their individual contributions align with achieving these goals?
  • Resources: Does the team have the necessary resources in terms of type and quantity to achieve success?
  • Courage: Are there conflicts within the team that require resolution? Is there a psychologically safe environment that encourages productive discussions? Do team members have the courage to voice their opinions, and are these opinions heard and respected?
  • Results: Is the team sufficiently focused on achieving results? Do team members understand how the team's performance is measured?
  • Team vs. Group: Where does the team lie on the continuum between being a truly interdependent team and a mere collection of independent workers? Determining this helps in identifying the most effective leadership approach.

The comprehensive Team Assessment Survey (TAS) is designed to provide you with deep insights into your team's dynamics, taking just 15 minutes to complete. It is suitable for teams ranging from 3 to 25 members - the TAS offers a holistic perspective on team performance.

To ensure a comprehensive assessment, both the team leader and members participate in the survey. Once completed, team members receive aggregated results, while the leader receives their individual results as well as the team's overall findings. I will first review the results with the team leader, providing valuable guidance on interpreting the data.

To further enrich the insights gained from the TAS, I recommend supplementing the quantitative results with qualitative data obtained through interviews with the leader and team members. By gaining deeper understanding beyond mere numbers, you can vividly enrich the TQ score and uncover valuable nuances within your team's dynamics.

Together, we'll develop a plan tailored to your team's specific needs, identifying the most effective activities to address areas that require improvement as revealed by the TAS and interviews. Our goal is to unlock your team's hidden potential and foster continuous growth.

Maximize your team's potential and achieve extraordinary results by harnessing the power of the Team Assessment Survey. Get started on your team's transformational journey today!

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