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Jeffrey Axelbank, Psy. D.The environment that businesses operate in today is constantly changing. Organizations need to be nimble and resourceful to respond effectively and productively to avoid getting swept away every time the winds change direction but individuals and groups in leadership positions constantly face challenges from the outside. It is imperative that you are at peak performance to meet these trials.

But so often there are internal barriers that prevent optimum performance, interfering with flexibility and responsiveness to external forces. Groups get bogged down in conflict, paralyzed by indecision or, worse yet, something is “off” that you can't identify. The job is just not getting done.

You need an advisor who understands the complex interaction of individuals and groups. I can help you identify and address the blocks to better organizational performance. Every organization and situation is unique; I customize my work so you get services tailored to your particular needs.

Please see this brief video on my consulting services and the “whole systems” approach. And here's a video about my work using Future Search.

Browse this website to explore the principles that undergird my approach, the types of problems for which I can be helpful, the services I provide, what kind of process you can expect, the industries in which I’ve worked, and my background.

Resources you may find helpful

Future Search is a powerful method for strategic planning (explained on the Tools / Technique page). You can get more detailed information and examples on the website of the Future Search Network. There are also videos about Future Search available here (scroll down for the videos). In particular, I recommend the videos titled "The Alliance" and "Discovering Community" which explain Future Search well.

A book I highly recommend on team leadership is Larry Hirschhorn's Managing in the New Team Environment.

An excellent article on the dynamics of women leaders is "When women lead: The Visibility-Vulnerability spiral" by Kram and McCollom-Hampton. It is in the book The Psychodynamics of leadership, edited by Klein, Gabelnick, and Herr.

To learn more about group and organizational dynamics, consider attending a group relations conference sponsored by the A.K. Rice Institute in the U.S., the Tavistock Institute in the U.K., or OFEK in Israel.

To enroll in a training program on group and organizational dynamics, investigate the offerings at the Tavistock Institute in London.

For more in-depth theoretical material on group dynamics, visit the website of the International Society for the Psychoanalytic Study of Organizations (ISPSO).